Paediatric CPR Introduction

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Paediatric CPR Training Overview

Introduction to Paediatric CPR

In this section, we will cover Paediatric CPR, which stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

What is Paediatric CPR?

Paediatric CPR is administered to individuals who are not breathing. It includes techniques for infants and children.

Age Categories

  • Infants: Defined as under one year old
  • Children: Defined as from one to 18 years old

CPR Techniques

Depending on the age of the child:

  • If unable to perform CPR compressions with two fingers for infants, use one hand as you would for a child.
  • If unable to use one hand, two-handed compressions can be used.

Additional Topics Covered

During this section, we will also address:

  • Handing Over to a Second Rescuer: Proper procedure for transitioning care
  • Continuous Chest Compressions: Technique used when rescue breaths are not possible or preferred

Throughout the training, these techniques will be demonstrated in separate videos to ensure comprehensive understanding and application.